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F.A.Q. & Planting Instructions

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Planting Instructions

Call a professional service if you do not know where your utility lines are.

The trunk flare is where the trunk widens at the base of the tree. This point should be just above the ground or mulch after planting.

Your hole should be 2-3 times wider than the root ball, but only as deep as the root ball.

Check the trees rootball for tight circling roots and loosen or cut where needed.

You may need to adjust height/depth and the direction the tree faces at this point, take as much time as you need and be patient to get the proper depth and straighten/adjust front facing side for best appearance.

Back fill your hole firmly packing the soil to eliminate air pockets that may dry out roots. Leave an inch or two at the top and water completely allowing the hole to fill once or twice. Fill in remaining soil and water again.

*Do not fertilize newly planted trees

Studies have shown that trees establish more quickly and develop stronger trunk and root systems if they are not staked at the time of planting.

How to plant your new tree

Mulching will help the soil around your new tree to retain moisture longer. In an area with well-drained soil, apply a 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch (less if poorly drained). Coarse mulches can be applied slightly deeper without harm. Place mulch out to the edge of a tree’s crown or beyond. Leave breathing room against the trees trunck.

Water at least once a week or as often as needed, depending on rainfall and evaporation.


Yes, and there is no charge.

Yes, we accept Credit Cards. We also accept local checks and cash.

Yes, and there is no charge for our wagon rides.

Yes, we offer cocoa, coffee, water, pop, donuts, and cookies. All items are $1.00.

Yes, our fields can be muddy, please wear boots!

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