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Canadian Hemlock


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Evergreen foliage with a classic narrow, pyramidal form make the Green Giant arborvitae attractive in all seasons. … The fast-growing Green Giant arborvitae is great for specimen or windbreaks, hedges, and privacy screens. It requires hardly any maintenance once established.


Canadian Hemlock For Sale

Canadian Hemlock is a graceful evergreen tree ideal for hedge, groupings and foundation plantings. It has small needles that are dark green on top and light green underneath.  These can be sheared to any height or shape and make great privacy trees. Plant as close as 2′ for a thick hedge or 8′ for a beautiful screen at a more mature height.

Mature size:

Reaching 50′-70’ tall

Growth Rate:


Sunlight requirements:

Full Sun (6-8 hours a day)

Water needs:

Weekly the first year to establish good root system. These tree are not very drought tolerant


Tolerates wind once established and withstands heavy ice or snow



Tree Height

12-24”, 2-3’, 3-4’


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