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Concolor Fir


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Concolor Fir

Abies concolor, the white fir, is a coniferous tree in the pine family Pinaceae.
This large evergreen coniferous tree grows best in the central Sierra Nevada of California, where the record specimen was recorded as 74.9 m (246 ft) tall and measured 4.6 m (183 in) in diameter at breast height (dbh) in Yosemite National Park.


Concolor Fir For Sale

Mature size:

Reaching 30-100’ tall

Growth Rate:


Sunlight requirements:

Partial to Full Sun (4 to 6 hours a day)

Water needs:

Weekly the first year to establish good root system


Tolerates heat and winter cold.




*Prefers drier soils

Tree Height

12-24”, 2-3’


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