Northwoods Whitetails Food Plot Screen HD


How many times have you been “busted” by deer going to or from your stand on or near your food plot. Or, are the deer using your plots fully exposed to the road or trails. Well, we may have a solution. Our food plot screen does exactly what it sounds like, screens food plots. Imagine having the ability to plant a “wall” 10 to 15  feet wide and up to 14 feet high. Access your stand easier, break up you large plot into multiple smaller ones, or just hide the entire plot to encourage more secure daytime use by the deer. If you have a poaching problem from a road, this may be your answer. By planting in late May to mid June, our plot screen will reach 12 to 14 feet high, depending on conditions. We have been testing various plantings since 2006 and feel we have come up with the best annual screen available. Many companies add milo or grain sorghum to their screening products. We strongly recommend you avoid these. Think about it, deer eat sorghum and milo seed heads. Why would you want deer eating your screen? Complete planting, fertilizing and weed control instructions will be included with each order. This can be a great tool you can use to help your success this year. Seeding rate is 8 to 10 pounds per acre. This is a new hybrid made for our company, and we are excited to offer it to you. The first year of testing had screens 14 to 15 feet tall in Michigan. And, it stayed 9 to 10 feet tall during winter.  A few things to keep in mid with this screen. The soil temperature must be over 65 degrees. The night time lows must be over 50 degrees. This hybrid does not do well in wet soils. You are better off waiting a few weeks for the soil to dry out before planting. A late June planting will still reach 12 feet tall. A late July planting will reach 7 feet tall. Complete planting instructions are included with each order.

This “heavy duty” food plot screen has been tested for 3 years in the tough Upper Michigan climate. It has with stood freezing rain, snow, high winds and brutal cold temperatures and stayed upright when it matters the most. Unlike most screens, this variety will take winter weather (when planted correctly). A 12 foot tall screen does not do you any good if its on the ground by November 1st. In our 3 years of testing, this product has preformed the best for late season stand ability in Upper Michigan. Check out the photos of our screens during December.

4  pound bag. Each bag covers approximately  1/2 acre.