Soil Builder Blend


Something new to the food plot industry. A mix for the hunter with less than ideal soil. Our blend contains plants that will produce tons of biomass that will become organic matter for your soils. This blend has been tested for a few years in sandy soil as well as poor, low quality soil. We have been pleased with the results. We recommend planting in the spring at 50 pounds per acre with 8 pounds of crimson clover or berseem clover.  Thinner soils may need to be seeded on the heavier side.  A soil test will tell the proper amounts of fertilizer and lime to add.  In late summer, we make one pass with a disc to knock the plot flat and seed again at 50 pounds per acre of rye, and 50 pounds per acre of oats into the thick mat of dying vegetation.  You can also spread another bag of the soil builder blend instead of the rye and oats. Another option is to mow then disc or till the spring planting in. Repeat this process for years until the organic matter percentage of your soil is at or above 3%  to 4%  This mix works well in acidic soils, and some sandier areas. Like any plot, moisture will be key in the success of this planting. Sandy plots will dry out quickly, and drought conditions will kill most plantings.

$41.99 per 25 pound bag.  Each bag plants approximately 1/3 to 1/2 acre. We recommend 8 pounds per acre of crimson or berseem clover to be planted with this blend.