Tree’nShrub, POWERED BY DAIRY DOO, is handcrafted for lush, green growth and provides the nutrients necessary for vibrant, colorful foliage. This recipe jump-starts trees and shrubs with the added kick of triple ground bark while also offering great water holding capacity. Tree’nShrubis important to use when first planting new additions to your landscaping and is a powerful tool for supporting existing trees and shrubs.

For new trees/shrubs: mix equal parts Tree’nShrub with existing soil and fill around plant. Top dress around the tree with additional Tree’nShrub, extending out to about the radius of the plant’s next year of canopy growth.

For seedlings and bare root trees: we recommend using Seed Starter 101 in the hole and topdressing with Tree’nShrub.

For existing trees/shrubs: topdress around the plant’s basewith Tree’nShrub, extending out to about the radius of the plant’s next year of canopy growth. Repeat 1-2 times a year.

Works well with FruitBlaster andHEALTHY GARDEN Fertilizers.

This soil is weed free

Bag Sizes

One Cubic foot, One Cubic Yard Bulk Bag